Dates & Times

Training is organised around three terms each year. Autumn and Spring terms are both 12 weeks each and the Summer term is 11 weeks. Each term has a one-week half-term break. Students can enrol at the beginning of any term. There is also a short residential that takes place over one weekend each year.

Term dates

  • Spring 2019: Wednesday 9th January until Saturday 6th April; with a one-week half-term break beginning 20th February
  • Summer 2019: Wednesday 24th April until Saturday 13th July; with a one-week half-term break beginning 5th June
  • Autumn 2019: Wednesday 18th September until Saturday 14th December; with a one-week half-term break beginning 30th October
  • Spring & Summer 2020: To be announced

Weekly schedule

The weekly schedule runs over four days a week: Wednesday evening, and Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. Timings for each day and a typical weekly course programme are shown below.

Typical weekly schedule at Edinburgh Alexander Training School