Foundation Course

Many people who have benefited from Alexander Technique lessons would like to take it further and deepen their Alexander understanding, skills and confidence. The EATS Foundation course provides an ideal opportunity for such self-development. There are many diverse reasons why you might wish to join the Foundation course: from a desire to enhance performance in music, sport or business; or for developing a greater sense of embodiment and making some fundamental changes in life attitudes and ways of thinking; or simply to find greater ease and enjoyment in going about everyday life. Or perhaps you are considering embarking on full professional training but not yet certain that you want to commit to this? You will be immersed in a rich Alexander training environment as you will be working alongside the students enrolled for professional training. Furthermore, if you choose to continue with the training at the end of the Foundation course, the time will count towards qualification in exactly the same way that the first term of the full course does.
  • The Foundation course takes place over 12 weeks, with 178 hours of class time in total.
  • Students can join at the beginning of any term (Dates & Times).
  • The training consists of a mixture of group and one-to-one practical work and discussion organised around a weekly schedule.
  • Foundation course students work alongside students enrolled on the Professional training course, providing a collaborative environment in which to learn.
  • Students engage in approximately 80% practical and 20% theory work
  • They benefit from a low student to trainer ratio – generally around 3 to 1, and never above 5 to 1.
  • Students are encouraged to maintain a reflective diary of their thoughts and experiences during the course, and to read widely around the Alexander Technique.
The only difference in content between the Foundation course and Professional training is that the Foundation course does not include the aspects that specifically relate to teaching the Alexander Technique to the public, or to running a business. Note that the Foundation course does not provide sufficient training in the Alexander Technique to become an Alexander teacher. Foundation course students therefore undertake not to attempt to teach the Alexander Technique to the public.
People of all backgrounds and ages (18 years and above) are welcome and encouraged to apply. Students are able to enrol at the beginning of any term. For the Foundation course, it is recommended that you have already had sufficient Alexander lessons to develop a basic understanding and an interest in continuing learning and application of the Alexander Technique. The application process consists of:
  • Informal chat with the Head of Training and visit to the School
  • Completion of the Application form
  • Interview with the Head of Training and Assistant Head
  • A lesson with the Head of Training and with the Assistant Head
  • On acceptance of an offer, the Foundation Course Registration Document is signed. An enrolment deposit of one third of the course fees must be paid within one month of the offer, and before beginning training.
  • A key aim of EATS is to create a supportive, collaborative ‘safe space’ learning environment. Student wellbeing is of great importance to the training team and students have support and feedback from the training team on a daily ongoing basis. Each student will meet informally with the Head and Assistant Head of Training at least once during the course. In addition, students are invited to meet with a second member of the training team of their choice. Students are also encouraged to raise any questions and discuss any concerns as they arise. We encourage students to provide feedback on their training experience for ongoing enhancement of EATS training.
  • The Foundation course fee is £1,800.
  • We work in small groups with a high trainer to student ratio, so the training fees (equating to about £10/hour for the Foundation course) represent very good value compared with, for example, one-to-one Alexander lessons.
  • Payment is due in advance. Choose between making payment in full on the first day of the course, or spread the costs by paying monthly in advance by standing order.
  • A deposit of one third of the total fee is required to be paid before beginning the course. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the course.
  • The Foundation course is 12 weeks. Both the Autumn and Spring terms run over a period of 12 weeks but if you choose to enrol in the Summer term (which is only 11 weeks), you will be invited to come back for a final week during the following Autumn term.
  • If at the end of the Foundation course you decide to continue with the full training, you will be refunded the difference in cost between the Foundation course and the first term's payment (currently (£178). This amount will be deducted from the final term's fees.